Update for Moonbeach Windsurfing Holidays

So this is it! Almost 20 years after Moonbeach Windsurfing started way back in 1995, we have come to the very hard decision of closing our doors. We are no longer able to continue as a viable business due to the politics within Egypt and consequently the travel advice that has been in force for the last two years. This has decimated the numbers of people willing to travel to the Sinai, coupled with the continual rise in costs imposed upon us on site. Since the revolution in January 2011 it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a presence here. 

We would like to give massive thank you to all the people who have been clients and become our friends at Moonbeach and have continued to support us since we took on the business from Lez in 2009. A massive thank you of course to all of the various staff members over the years who made it one of the premier Windsurfing and Yoga spots in the Northern Hemisphere, and a venue never to be forgotten! 

At this time we cannot see the business re-opening in its present form. We are hoping that the centre itself will remain and possibly be run in some format yet to be decided, but in the meantime, we are unable to offer holidays and rentals for this year.

Greg, Aimee, Strawbs and Jason wish to thank all of our many friends and loyal customers we have met over our time here. We are very sad that the centre will very likely not open again under the usual historical fun loving way. So many memories of countless great sailing days and “relaxing” evenings will never ever be lost!!

You can still keep in touch with us on the facebook page, but this website and our moonbeachhholidays email addresses will be going offline as of the end of March 2015.

So, it’s the Final Farewell from us at Moonbeach, keep sailing and we hope to see you again on the water….somewhere!

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Happy Holidays

I am a novice and felt so looked after at Moonbeach – it is just so idyllic & chilled with such a relaxed but fun vibe going on (the bar area is definitely an ideal hang out!), perfect place to learn to windsurf but also have an ace holiday. Thanks Moonbeach team! – Abby Shephard

Abby, June 2013