Guilty pleasure..

There is no denying that life in Egypt has been a little more than interesting this year.. All around us all manner of businesses are struggling post-revolution… and everywhere is eerily quiet…it seems that the rest of the globe has shied away from offering what Egypt needs most.. Tourism!

2nd only to the Suez Canal – tourism is what keeps this part of the world ticking over.. and yup, this is slightly bias – but when all around you innocent folk from the local petrol station to Mohammed at the fruit and veg shop in Ras Sudr are struggling to get by, and even the local off-license has gone out of business.. you begin to wonder when it will end…

As for the guilty pleasure bit.. after the first 8 days of this month have brought us Force 6+ everyday we’ve got ourselves a slight dilemma.. just like everyone else in Egypt we need the custom…. but when there is a massive stretch of water, endless wind and temperatures that are sitting mid 30’s.. With a few guests and only 5 under-utilized folk (staff!!) using it – they’re going to really struggle to share the space and their toys again…!

Save us the decision.. take them out of their comfort-zone and join us for some epic conditions, a few beers and a week or two in possibly the most relaxing windsurfing location you’ll find post-revolution anywhere in the world…

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Happy Holidays

I am a novice and felt so looked after at Moonbeach – it is just so idyllic & chilled with such a relaxed but fun vibe going on (the bar area is definitely an ideal hang out!), perfect place to learn to windsurf but also have an ace holiday. Thanks Moonbeach team! – Abby Shephard

Abby, June 2013