It is all coming to a close a little earlier this year…

2011 has been a tricky year..

Egypt post-revolution has it would seem been less than inviting to the windsurfing populous…

Perhaps the idea of dodging the perceived bullets, avoiding the riots, the road blocks and the revolutionaries is too much..  Alliterations aside Moonbeach has seen none of the aforementioned action and has been a positive sanctuary for many local residents and expats during the upheaval that seems come with political change in the Middle East. Whilst those of you who have visited from the UK, Bahrain, Europe and even further afield can also testify that the windsurfing has been as epic as ever, the dolphins have been in abundance and generally the season has gone swimmingly.

But on the whole, the consensus has been less positive and it’s for this reason, along with a couple more minor hiccups that we’re closing our doors on the 2011 season on 26th September. After the year that’s been we feel we need the time to consolidate our position, and plan for a post-election, democratic Egypt.

So.. if you’re after a last minute escape there is still time to join us, and with flight prices falling post-Ramadan and the end of the school holidays approaching there’s really no better time to join us. August and September can offer some of the best conditions we get all year. Strong, reliable wind, water as warm as a bath and uncrowded, straight off the beach windsurfing, what more could you want?

If you can’t make it, and we know it’s short notice, then don’t worry. 2012 has all the signs of being an epic year, and Moonbeach Windsurfing will be back. Not necessarily bigger, but almost certainly better.. with the same great location, stunning conditions, playful dolphins and the perfect unspoilt windsurfing playground.

To stay informed, please join our mailing list, or check back every now and again for an update and info regarding next season. Prices, season dates and all the new toys will be up on line as they become available.

So, for now; happy sailing and all the very best,

Schlep & Greg.

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Happy Holidays

I am a novice and felt so looked after at Moonbeach – it is just so idyllic & chilled with such a relaxed but fun vibe going on (the bar area is definitely an ideal hang out!), perfect place to learn to windsurf but also have an ace holiday. Thanks Moonbeach team! – Abby Shephard

Abby, June 2013